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Experience is generally very difficult to translate, and this is one of the reasons children are partly "repeating parental mistakes."Whether we hear anything, even something very important, to apply this knowledge in everyday life, at a particular time, we often fail, because this knowledge is "not ours", we do not have this information "under the skin", we simply do not have our own experience.

In specific life situations, we respond more or less "subconsciously", "learned", according to the already created "schemas" that we have saved and experienced.

Making decisions really consciously is the privilege of the enlightened.

Only our own "physical" experience will allow us to "rewrite" the created schema from which our reactions are based. We have acquired these schemes mostly in childhood, in youth, some things can also be karmic.

Words will not solve many, the actions are decisive. What really helps in life is an actively created habit, which must be preceded by our conscious decision and the will to act.

It works on the principle of conscious "programming" our subconscious to "believe something new" and transcribe our existing reaction "scheme."

It is similar to the positive affirmation we create and by which we change something within, because we can only change the things around us that way.

To overwrite these "involuntary" schemes that we usually react unknowingly and which usually hinder us is the goal of our joint work with the client.

We have already tried this work many times and we have many of our own experiences that we can not pass on to the client, but we can show him how to effectively get his own experience - we can advise him on how to quickly and efficiently work with his "inner patterns".

We use proven, simple exercises that work with both body and mind, so they have the real ability to change saved schemes.

This is why this work allows us to change your actions in a much faster and more efficient way than mere words.

To listen to the client and to advise him / her is of course valuable, it can help to uncover the cause of his / her problems, but the mere words can hardly overwrite the saved schemes (unconscious reaction to a specific situation) and without that nothing changes in the life of the client.

Our goal is to enable the client - you - to actively change your life for the better, to what you want and what you consciously want. It's not just about "just" understanding what you are doing wrong and at best understanding the causes of your problems and mistakes.

We are mainly concerned that you, practically, "in your own right" have experienced the source of your problems and actively rewriting your "wrong" scheme or patterns (experiences) that are holding you back.

To do this through your own experience and conscious experience in a safe environment


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