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About me

Studio owner of Tantra Patricia. Expert in massage and Tantra instructor. Patricia delivers a mysterious Tantric message through her hands. In her touch is energy, ecstasy, tenderness and love, there is essence of life of tantric ways and Patricia has experience of life-long massage practice.

Who am I?

A woman who brings joy, optimism and healing into lives.

  • Founder of one of the first Tantric Massage studios in Prague.
  • Founder of a school of spiritual tantric massages for groups and
  • couples.
  • Intimacy and partner counsellor
  • Body therapist healing your body and soul by touch and words.

What am I offering?

  • Empathy, openness, kindness.
  • The ability to deliver learning in a comprehensible and entertaining way.
  • All that I deliver is based on my own experience.
  • A methodology of massage courses developed through the more than fifty previous course given.
  • Healing hands and a magic touch.
  • Accessible voice.
  • The ability to discern the core of things, and the causes of problems.
  • Everything that I do is careful and professional, and I am fully committed to my art.

Patricia loving touch

My story:

My name is Vlasta (Patricia) I am a woman, a mother, a partner, a beloved and goddess and a tantra teacher.

I heard the calling of my soul to work with the human body and psyche. This call was so strong that I have been working professionally in this field for the past fourteen years, since 2004.

How did it start?

I was born under the Gemini sign, in East Bohemia, where I grew up in a happy family surrounded by nature and forests. I was an active, cheerful, creative and talkative child.

Despite the generally happy upbringing, I still suffered criticism as I was growing up for the way I was, and never praised for all the talents that I had. What I did was considered to have not the same worth as what was expected of me. Is this familiar?

As a result, I was not spontaneous, and curtailed the creative side of my nature, not embracing joy and movement, directed into the belief that duties and norms were the correct way to live my life - without energy, without joy.

I began to fear certain things, and I hid them through illnesses and moods. With regard to boyfriends, I did not allow myself to have one I liked, because he would turn out to be a disappointment, so I chose the ones I didn´t want to be safe. I have always felt great power in my life's energy, the desire to try to understand beyond the limits of regular perception. Do you see how difficult it is to exist without direction, without experience and in self-denial?

During puberty, I suffered a loss of hearing through an immunity deficiency. I could not participate in any activity nor sports. Despite this, I graduated from college and became a language teacher: I speak French, German and English fluently, and worked in education for ten years.

I married at the age of 22, subsequently living in Germany for 7 years. There, besides learning German and teaching Czech language, I first encountered tantra and massage. I was very successful in teaching, but was continually drawn to tantra. Unfortunately, I was still haunted by panic attacks that my imunity will deteriorate again.

After the birth of my son, I discovered magazines that encouraged healthy lifestyle. This led me to study and practice a macrobiotics lifestyle with the intention, initially, to care for my son's healthy development, but hand in hand with came an improvement to my health and a further interest in tantra developed.


At first, I learned some elements of tantric massage and began to practice it professionally. As well, I felt the need to improve myself and work on my own. I am not saying, nor saying to anyone in my classes that it is only one way of beauty, because that beauty is like a lotus flower, flowers that grow out of soil, the beauty of the soil must be probed as well.

After one of my basic and very difficult exercise at John Hawken had removed my fear which I threw off like old clothes, things started to happen for me.

I delved into my body, my soul: the tantric teaching increasingly appealed to me, spiritually, and gave me a new direction of embracing experiences and my internal view.

I learned to see my strengths, I learned to use my basic energy to focus on things that I should like to change, cure or just enjoy. The joy and spontaneity, the creativity, returned and began to flow through me.

My life took on a miraculous hue. All that was previously hidden emerged - everything that I was previously denied, including a fulfilling partnership on both a physical and spiritual level.


Where do I find myself now?

Nowadays, I feel completely happy in my femininity: I feel that I am the goddess of beauty, joy, abundance and freedom, continuing to learn how to achieve it and passing this on to you.

I feel happy and fulfilled in my partnership, and I can, at a very practical level, advise partners how to achieve this, and how to enrich and improve love and communication with your partner.

I find myself discovering other possibilities to connect to universal energy. I have learned how to descend into the mindless state, and practice and teach meditation. At the same time, this partners with my own ego, which leaves nothing to manage my thoughts, and I therefore gradually displace the ego.

In this state, I feel absolute connection, unconditional love, and the energy flowing through my hands. The words that I use are a kind of cosmic energy through which I treat my clients with love.

I owe great thanks to my teacher Ma Ananda Sarita, an enlightened pupil of Osho, with whom I have completed an eight part, four year full course: Soulmate, Teacher´s International training From Sex to Superconsciousness . I am currently attending a two years teacher´s training course Empowered Woman.

Thanks are also due to the Hands of Light and Barbara Ann Brennan, who taught me how to work with the healing energy of my hands and my intuition. Thanks, also, to all who have given me experiences, a powerful stream of empathy, understanding and joy. Because of this, I like to share my art and learning through courses and massages.


What do I expect?

  • You will gain a happier and fuller life.
  • Perhaps a different professional life.
  • Improvements to your life with your partner.
  • Take responsibility, respecting the commitment that you make to yourself and to me in terms of your therapies and your decision to take the course.
  • Attend the courses that you have enrolled on.

I offer courses to all who feel the call for a joyful life, to all who wish to listen, and who want to open themselves and others.


  • 2012-2016 Soulmate, Tantra school by Sarita, 500hrs trainee
  • Tantric training Sacred body, passionate spirit - John Hawken – 2009/2010
  • Deeper Tissue Therapy. ATOK Ústí n. Labem - Cahal Flynn – 2008
  • Professional training of tantric massage - Tantraworld, Denisa and Richard – 2005/2006
  • Reflex therapy school - Patakys – 2005
  • Dorn method, Breuss massage - Prouzová/Púry – 2005
  • Maseur for sport and recondition massage
  • Massage school Refit – 2004
Patricia na kurzu

Self developement courses

  • Soulmate, 4 years trainee by Sarita (2012- now)
  • Dark Eros, John Hawken 2012
  • Advanced Tantra Trainee, John Hawken, Skydancing Tantra 2011/2012
  • Trauma constalation, Radim Ress 2011
  • Mohendjodaro, Lažánky 2009
  • Working with sexuality, John Hawken 2008
  • Thai massage, Chakra massage, Thajsko 2008
  • Family constelations

Certifikát Tantra Sarita