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School of tantric massage in Prague

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  • Tantra is the royal way of liberation through love, consciousness and meditation, and absolute acceptance of oneself
  • Tantra courses will always change your life. Discard what you no longer serve. It will give you a new direction of embracing experiences and my internal view.


The Tantralife School offers

  • An annual tantric massage school with a theoretical and practical examination and a certificate.
  • One-day and half-day massage worskhops
  • Experimental workshops for women to feel in their power and as goddesses
  • Individual professional counseling for masseurs and individual tantra massage

Another services

  • Tantric massage for amateurs, couples and individuals in a fun form
  • Tantra party
  • Emotional body map and other treatment sessions
  • Couple intimacy and loving communication for couples


Tantralife - special massage school was established in 2008 in parallel at the Tantra Patricia Praha massage studio.


The Tantralife Tantric Massage School has been in operation since 2006, and over 50 courses have taken place during its existence.

In 2018, I launched the new Tantra Patricia website with an expanded offer of training and services.

Participants have taken many new experiences and some of them continue to devote themselves to tantric massage.