School of massages and personal growth


I do not have a partner, can I attend your course?

Yes. The system is such that once you log in and send the deposit, you have a secure place and we immediately pair you with another single participant. It does not mean, however, that you have to train the whole course together. Couples are randomly formed and the massage partners alternate.

If you are a couple or you will be joined by your partner, the price for a couple is valid for you.

I can not participate in any of the parts I can do

It is always necessary to attend the first part. Not even 2 + 3. work is not desirable at all, because tantric intimate massages are taught in them, and your departure will disturb the consistency the course. In addition, the participants like to take returns within the pair of participants. It is better if you can allocate your time for all 5 parts.

In the event that all participants can not reach an agreement of the date of the course, in agreement with the lecturers, it is possible to change the date of the course.

The first part can be exceptionally made in the form of an individual fee.

How about sleeping arrangements?

Courses are mostly organized in Prague, in the premises it is possible to sleep with additional fee of 200 - 400 crowns, according to the requirements of the renters. It is necessary to bring with you your own sleeping bag and essential travel kit.

If the courses take place outside of Prague, then the overnight stay is guaranteed to everyone. In addition to the course price, you will then be charged for lodging and all-day meals.

How about eating?

In case the courses are organized in Prague, we have a longer lunch break for Saturday lunch.

Dinner and snacks are not included, bring them with you. The course does not have long breaks, only some time for 1 main meal. On Sunday, the course ends at 13-14 pm, then we can go for lunch.

Do I have to be naked on the course?

Certainly not! Take comfortable cotton clothes and I sincerely recommend some skirts for women. It will be practical to have more T-shirts available. Nudity is worked in gradually and only during massages. According to my experience from the 3rd part of the course, no one has problem with nudity anymore, we will learn to take it as a natural thing and furthermore, we are usually dressed in the sarong.