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Body is a temple of soul

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Body is a temple of soul

The final part of the Tantra Massage School is devoted to treating intimacy, widespread orgasm, and Kashmiri or Tao Massage. Participants who passed a practical and theoretical exam and have completed supervision will be solemnly certified.

Course topics

  • Tantric healing massage of yoni and lingam
  • Body to body massage
  • Extended sex orgasm for both men and women
  • Tao massage or Kashmir massage

More topics

  • Client communication and tantric massage
  • Tao and Tantra
  • Whole-body orgasm
  • Tantra message in today's world

For whom the course is intended

This part is also a special seminar for advanced students in which we will refine breathing and massage techniques and join the message to give tantra to each of us.

Patricia a Vítek


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