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Shiva and lingam massage

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Shiva and lingam massage

This weekend seminar will be devoted to the specifics of a man's massage, but women will also come to see them in discovering zones on the body of the man (man) and when receiving a massage. The main evening program will be dedicated to men.

You will learn to give and receive touch not only in the role of masseurs, but also in order to use the acquired knowledge and experience in everyday life, in a relationship. We will also focus on your perception, experience and sharing.

Tantra penis massage workshop:

  • Principles and techniques of tantric intimate massage of men
  • Massage of rosette and prostate in a man
  • For women: principles of heart chakra and breast massage

More topics

  • Preparation of tantric massage, hygiene in intimate massage
  • Tantric concepts and principles
  • Siva - History of the Concept
  • Different polarity of male and female body

The course is for graduates of Part 1

Patricia teaches


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