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Shakti and yoni

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Shakti and yoni

Come and learn how to tune in and please a woman. This weekend seminar will focus on the specifics of women's massage, men have a unique opportunity to understand how different women's world is and how they touch them.

We concentrate on realizing our basic energy, its cultivation and liberation from unnatural constraints, the connection of energy with pleasure and everyday life.

Course topics

  • Specifics of intimate massage of a woman and her perception.
  • Techniques and principles of tantric massage yoni.
  • Waking up senses and sensuality.
  • Deepening intimacy during massage.
  • For Men: Massage of lingam and prostate

More topics

  • Polarity in life and massage
  • Limits in life and massage
  • The difference between the massage of men and women
  • Chakras and their roles in life and during the massage

During the course, we also focus on realizing your sexual energy, cultivating it and liberating it from the unnatural constraints, connecting energy with pleasure and everyday life.

The course is intended for: graduates of Part 1 and intermediate.



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